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SMX race 2/24 Empty SMX race 2/24

Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:52 pm
We had a semi light turnout- 14 i believe
The weather was great after the morning chill wore off. I had a pretty good time just leaning on the fence all day watching the races. The track looked to be in great shape once again.
Let me tell you about the Expert class- the current group is so close in skill it is just ridiculous. It is a tonga line start to finish, it is also so much fun Cool I think it comes down to the start and who makes a mistake- miss a shift, mess up the corner and your passed-lol. Ol' Ed Hession is a starting line machine, his starts are so good he is always in the front. I guess the rest of us need to figure out how to get in front a little bit better. He did a great job holding off the train of Gettinger, Garza and Sabastiani as they would stick a wheel in there from time to time.
The Intermediate class( all Cool got schooled by that Kawasaki from Anthem, Guy put some space on the rest and held a very close Expert pace for both his moto's. He was followed by the #300 KTM of Rob Evans, Donny Beavin, Kyle Keiper, Clay Cooke, Kevin Callahan and Mike Jones. I think Cody brought up the rear on that sweet Yamaha 250f. There was a few times there was 3 of them racing for the same position in each moto. No one went down and they all seemed to be having fun.
Novice class only had 2 for this round but I saw Carl and Ron Ryer trading positions for each moto. I think this was the first time in awhile i have heard Carl say how much fun it was. Retirement must be nice.... haha
Next up.... Int'l time!
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SMX race 2/24 Empty Re: SMX race 2/24

Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:21 pm
I'm sorry I missed it, had other things come up that prevented me from making it.
Sounds like a fun day of racing for everyone overall Smile

Thanks for the recaps, its fun to get a report and feel of the event
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