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2020 AZOT International Empty 2020 AZOT International

Mon Mar 02, 2020 8:36 am
I don't know if anyone uses this Forum anymore, but if so here are my opinions on the Race. I had a great time and thought the track layout was fun and it was OT Friendly! Unfortunately there were several accidents both during practice and during the race. There were many very good riders injured for several different reasons but the most injuries were on the Start. I was thinking that the concrete wall on the right and the Palo Verde tree might be making the turn to the right a little too tight. If they could open that up by cutting the wall back a few feet and eliminating the tree and widening the track a few feet would have made a big difference. Also, having someone with a red flag at the corner to alert the start that a rider is down would help. The track became dry and slippery shortly and then watering made it a skating rink. Since I'm slow it didn't bother me but the faster guys had some issues. I don't remember having the track go away so quickly so perhaps prep was a little light. Overall I had fun and most did too. The food was great! I appreciate all the hard work the Club put into this event and hope this critique is not demeaning to anyone in the Club that worked so hard. Good job to all! I believe it was very successful and look forward to many more!! Smile
Hope Jerry Smith, Jimmy Gaddis, Number 911and all recovering from their incidents the best!


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2020 AZOT International Empty Re: 2020 AZOT International

Mon Mar 02, 2020 8:37 pm

Thanks for your input I/we appreciate it. I will add your comments to our list of improvements for next year we are already working on. It was great seeing you this weekend, hope to see you at the Mesquite race.

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2020 AZOT International Empty Re: 2020 AZOT International

Tue Mar 03, 2020 9:52 am
I had a blast though I seemed to have struggled to stay on course (it's me..Not you) as I jumped off the course twice! Fortunately all is well and looking forward to next year's event! Thanks to all that put this together, I'm sure it is way more work than most of us could realize!
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2020 AZOT International Empty Re: 2020 AZOT International

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